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Marrakech City Guided Tour

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    Marrakech City Guided Tour

    Marrakech City Guided Tour it is your opportunity to learn about  the second oldest imperial city  in Morocco, Marrakech was founded in the 10th century  by Sultan Youssef ben Tachfine who is credited with construction of the defensive walls that encircle the city. Extended to 19 kms during the dynasties of the Almohades and Saadiens, the spectacular city walls, varying in color between pink and red, are punctuated by 200 square towers and nine monumental gates. The prosperity of Marrakech at this time made it a fitting capital for an empire which stretched from Algiers to the Atlantic and from the Mediterranean almost to Senegal.Following 4 centuries of the Berber dynasties emanating from the indigenous tribes of the Atlas Mountains (the Almoravides, Almohades and Merinides, who ruled until 1465), the 16 th century saw the arrival of rulers of Arabic origin. The wealthy Saadiens (1554-1603) were responsible for unifying Morocco as one country. In 1659 the Alouites came to the throne (occupied from 1672-1727 by Moulay Ismail, the most famous of all the sultans) and still rule Morocco today.

    Marrakech City Guided Tour is arranged  by our company using English speaking Local guide who will meet you at your accommodation around 9 am, Small briefing to customize what you would expect to see and to  visit. If your accommodation located in the Medina ( old City ) you will have to start walking from there,but if you live outside of the Medina,we will come to  pick you up from your hotel and drop you off close to the Medina,then you start you city guided tour.




    Marrakech City Guided Tour will include:

    • *Jamaa el Fna square, a UNESCO site
    • *Madrassa Ben Youssef
    • *Bahia Palace
    • *Saadian Tombs
    • * Souks or Market
    • *Elbadiaa Palace
    • *Koutoubia Mosque
    • *Majorel Garden
    • *Menara Garden
    • *Private AC Vehicle or Hours Carriage
    • *English Speaking Guide

    Marrakech City Guided Tour Highlights :

    Jemaa Fna square: It is a UNESCO site and one of the famous squares in the world. Wandering with your guide, you will see many story tellers, snake charmers, musicians and water tellers mostly in the morning. In the afternoon, the square gets full with food stalls with different kind of Moroccan food. Around the sunset, we suggest that you go for a drink in one of the Cafe terraces overlooking the Jemaa Fna square that gets illuminated by the lamplights and panels with the number or names of stall owners.

    Souks & Medina Alleyways: Wander with your guide to explore how talent Marrakech handcrafters are. See how hard and proud they work to make objects as they their ancestors have, from metal such as lamps, from wool skin such as leather bags…Etc

    Marrakech Landmarks: Places, Bahia and Badiaa, Gardens: Majorelle & Menara, Marrakech Meuseum, Ben Youssef Medrasa, Almoravod Koubba, Saadian Tombs, Koutoubia mosque..Etc


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